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Though confidential video conferencing we will work together using a variety of tools including, but not limited to, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). CBT is documented as effective for: major depression, anxiety & panic disorders, relationship issues, habits & addictions, PTSD & trauma recovery, unmanaged stress.

I also have training in personal growth, better communication, goal accomplishment, Chrisitan faith-based cousenlling (I'd never push anything on you), and developing healthy coping skills. Whether we do counselling or life coaching together, we combine the best of various modalities bringing you measurable benefits in a brief time frame, with long lasting results.

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Note: You can change the time zone and/or use 24 hour clock, see below calendar dates. Booking policies below calendar and if you have trouble or questions feel free to call me 1-877-597-3883.

Booking Policies.

  • By booking online you agree to communication via email.
  • Video sessions have limitations such as disconnection, technology glitches, etc. If you are suicidal, please visit or call 911!
  • It is vital you are in a safe, distraction free location. You must have high speed internet and a web camera.
  • Unlike life coaching, counselling has legal limitations. If you are not in an area that is covered by my license, I can provide life coaching using the same methods.
  • Your information will be kept confidential except if there is an imminent threat of suicide, violence to others, or current child abuse.
  • If you have any questions about these policies please email me or call 1-877-597-3883.