Trainer, Life Coach, Clinical Counsellor

Clients… discover practical ways to deal with feeling blah, excessive worry, social anxiety, relationship woes, habit struggles, or anger issues using video chat therapy or life coaching.

Clinicians… be more effective while embracing self-care. You care about your clients. You have had training. Now you need support and self-care. This is an industry where it’s not safe to stand alone. 

Programs, Training & Courses

Skill building for ongoing stress, feeling overwhelmed, and feelings of inadequacy.  Burnout affects millions and even more in the health & wellness industry. A little support goes a long way! Maybe you’d like step by step skill building to improve your confidence using various tools with clients. Combine BOTH. Join me for a FREE 2-day Event, “Effective Compassion.” 

Open to all psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, coaches, therapists, ministers, missionaries, and mental health professionals

Lasting results. Learn researched skills!

Feel understood in a supportive space.

Tools that work! TEAM-CBT & more.

Networking, case consults & practice groups

Build confidence and improve self-compassion.

You choose - self-paced modules or live training


What People are saying

From clients and clinicians Angela's has worked with.

Angela is a knowledgeable professional and personable, caring coach. She is a great public speaker.
Magda C. Bonners Ferry, USA
Before meeting Angela, I felt like I was just experimenting with TEAM CBT. Now I feel like I’m actually using TEAM CBT. I’ve had so many clients that I was stuck with and learning from Angela helped me get unstuck so that my clients progressed and found complete freedom from their difficulties.
Katie Parenti
Learn from the best. Make better communication your goal. If your goal is to have better relationships, the first thing you need to do is a sign up for a session with Angela.

Peace, Happiness, Achievement

Hopeless, worthless, nervous, anxious, tense, inadequate, ashamed! We all get stuck from time to time, none of us are immune from that. Different issues can get in the way of growth or interrupt client success. Truth is sometimes we need help and we don’t want it to take years to our clients or ourselves to feel better! I teach and use a client-centered, cognitive, evidence-based approach called TEAM-CBT which has been shown to work especially well for feeling inadequate/inferior, anxiety, relationship challenges, procrastination, unmanaged stress, as well as for personal growth and wellness goals. We’ll work together using a variety of tools looking for the ones that work best for you or your clients!

Angela Poch, RPC

Founder Higher Path - Body Mind Health

Excessive worry, depression, and stress can be reduced

Even eliminated, regardless of how you got there but it does require some effort. Working on recovery is collaborative so expect to purchase reading materials and commit to doing homework before we meet and in between sessions..

FREE & Low Cost Resources

Training for Therapist’s & Coaches

Info for 7th day Adventists

For the General Public -- Tools that Help!


Optimal Health

FREE 2 hr course – Your Journey to a Long & Happy Life with simple, proven lifestyle choices without the hype of fad diets & supplements.

Healthy Thinking

FREE book! Learn how thoughts, emotions, and behaviour interact in your mind and start to take charge of your own thoughts.

Other Resources

Courses, blog, and workshops. Some online, some in person. See what is currently available or book one for your organization.

Develop patience, have more happiness, and improve all types of relationships.

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