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My Journey

to helping others

My journey to becoming a life coach and counsellor started a couple decades ago, when I began researching health and wellness for my own health. I battled with IBS and a friend directed me to a book called "The Ministry of Healing." This book, written by Ellen White, has an integrative approach to health. It focuses a lot on mental wellness and relationships as well as diet, exercise, and other lifestyle principles. Following that book improved my health tremendously and started me on the path to becoming a plant based nutritionist in 2007. That was just the beginning!

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My Physical Health Started it All

As I embraced the plant food diet and other lifestyle choices, I noticed many of who follow the Ministry of Healing book often neglected the most talked about part, in fact about 75% of the book. And that missing part, is our mental health and our relationships with others. The mind is extremely powerful. If you’d like to learn more how the mind, especially not dealing with negative thoughts and emotions, can affect your physical health, I recommend the book “When your body says no” by Dr. Gabor Mate.

In any case, I pursued learning more about mental health and health in general while I raised my son, trained horses, and got into graphic arts, videography and photography. I was invited to do some cooking shows on a TV network called 3ABN which I did in 2007 and they continued to air a few times per year for 10 years later due to demand. But all this was just the beginning of my health journey. It set me up to peruse the mental health profession, I just didn't know it yet.

My Struggle with Depression & Anxiety

After struggling with depression in 2006 (more about my depression story here), I learned about cognitive behaviour therapy and Dr. David Burns through Dr. Neil Nedley's Depression & Anxiety Recovery Program. Dr. Nedley's program is great for an integrative wellness approach, and it completely cured my depression. I was able to come of my anti-depressant med's in just a few months. I became a certified program director, but that only fueled my desire to learn more. To help those who have very specific issues or for those where a group program wasn't as effective.

In 2016 I did several more courses on life and health coaching. I continued to develop online self-help courses on health and wellness from an integrative approach. The blue zone scientific research spurred me on to develop programs that included the key aspects to health and longevity. The amazing thing I kept seeing in all the literature is, what's good for your physical health is good for your mental well being and visa versa. I couldn't believe more health professionals weren't promoting the research. The data was in, was I going to wait for someone else or start sharing as much as I could myself? So I launched several online courses and my students trickled in until I had approximately 7500 students by the end of 2017.

But depression wasn't the only thing that I had to overcome on my journey -- anxiety and excess stress nipped at my heels from time to time. Long before this point in my life I had been bullied as a child, experienced suicidal thoughts in my late teens, and dealt with extreme loss. Add to the curve balls life through at me, I'm a perfectionist by nature all combined caused some additional issues like feeling defeated by little mistakes or fearing rejection in relationships. Working through hidden emotions, facing my fears, and accepting some flaws became the catalyst for recovery. It's so amazing to have tools that crush anxious thoughts and temper stressful circumstances!

I was encouraged to pursue counselling by several friends and even a few of my coaching clients/online students. So in 2018 I took my diploma in applied psychology and counselling, and in 2019 I became a registered professional counsellor - candidate (meaning I am under supervision). I really feel there is a need for qualified counsellors and life coaches who can guide people to greater emotional stability and mental wellness through the integrative approach supported by the Bible and science. That’s my goal, to reach people who are struggling, that want to work with someone who understands the Adventist or Christian perspective, and also for those who are not Christian.

So whoever you dear viewer, I'd love to meet you!