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Angela Poch, counsellor, life coach and trainer

Nice to meet you!

Hello, I'm Angela Poch and I'm a clinical counsellor* and life coach specializing in: defeating depression & anxiety, improving relationships, insomnia, and integrative health. I use TEAM-CBT and, if you choose, faith-based methods to create lasting change in a brief time frame. There are a few things make me unique and possibly a good fit for you.

I've worked with Dr. David Burns as a small group leader in his workshops and I am currently a small group leader in his Stanford Tuesday group for health professionals. I am a Feeling Good Institute clinician and trainer. In addition to one-on-one personal work, I also offer consulting and training for therapists and life coaching book a 20min consult or email me to learn more. I also enjoy putting on workshops and doing speaking engagements.

Intensive Programs - Fast paced, skill building for ongoing stress, feeling overwhelmed, feelings of inadequacy, processing past trauma, panic disorders, phobias, GAD, and other forms of anxiety - learn more here

I'm ADHD, have autistic traits, dealt with trauma, been suicidal, don't fit into gender mold, I'm a wife and mother, worked with youth, veterans, professionals, homeless, and love people from all walks of life. Having faced depression and anxiety I can related to what you are going through.

In my own life I've dealt with depression, anxiety, anger, relationship issues, insomnia, stress, loss, bullying, and even suicidal ideation, and while I'm not perfect, I'm on the other side to tell you there is hope for recovery!

I get how hard it can be to open up. That when you are in the midst of darkness, light seems impossible! When the anxiety is so strong you feel it in your body. Don't stop here just reading this, book a free chat with me right now!

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*Registered Professional Counsellor with the Canadian Professional Counselling Association.


my journey

My Journey To Helping Others

The road I took to recovery was paved with the tools I use in our sessions together. I'll never ask you to do something I wouldn't do myself. In addition I have had or do have: ADHD, autistic symptoms, memory problems, chronic pain, gender/identity issues, trauma, IBS, fibromyalgia, and other real life ebbs and flows, none of which have stopped me from finding joy and recovery....

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What does TEAM Mean

What is TEAM? Why is it so effective?

This an evidenced-based approach by renowned psychiatrist Dr Burns, which uses various techniques, including CBT, to achieve therapeutic success. It is researched based from over 30 years of studies and recommendations. Clients are collaborative and we focus on treating the client not some "disorder" the client may have...

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Integrative Approach

Integrative Self-help Approach

In addition to CBT, TEAM, faith-based counselling, life coaching, and other tools, I offer an integrative approach to health with self-help courses. From my FREE signature program on having Optimal Health to Stress Management, Grief Recovery, to plant based cooking and much more....

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Want to know more?

I get it!


I Too Faced Depression

Depression affects more than 300 million people worldwide. But beyond statistics, it gets personal when it’s a dear friend, close family member, or even closer to home, yourself. I’ve certainly not come away unscathed..... 

How I defeated depression


A Taste of My Anxiety

I've recovered from social anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, and obsessive and intrusive thoughts. This doesn't tell my who story but it gives you a taste of what's possible.

Hidden Anxiety and more


Breaking the Mold!

I've been asked, as a Christian, how can I be a safe place for LGBTQ+? While spirituality is integral to recovery, all have free choice and I am not the Holy Spirit. I can be an example to others through my own journey.

Diversity & Acceptance