About Me

Hello, I'm Angela Poch and I'm a registered professional counsellor - candidate* and certified life coach. I've been trained in: depression & anxiety, trauma, PTSD, stress management, grief recovery, relationships, addiction recovery, plant-based nutrition, spiritual faith-based therapy, finding happiness, goal setting, as well as general emotional and physical health. More about my methods and what is counselling/life coaching here.

I'm a Christian who loves science, analytical but compassionate, I think like a guy, but as a woman I have strong emotions, so I relate to well both sexes and even those who don't fit either.. If anyone understands we are unique and have multiple dimensions, it's me! Whether you fit the mold or broke it, I'll do my best to work with you to find solutions that are effective for your needs while providing a safe, non-judgmental and welcoming place to share what is on your heart and mind.

 No story is too traumatic or strange or "messed up" (client's words, not mine) to hear. No pain or struggle is too big or too small to work with*. In my own life I've dealt with depression, anxiety, anger, relationship issues, all manner of stress, extreme loss, abuse, bullying, and even suicidal ideation and while I'm not perfect, I'm on the other side of these traumatic emotions and events to tell you there is hope for recovery!

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*I am an entry level therapist and I am under supervision with my therapy/counselling work. There maybe certain clients that are not a good fit due to mental health issue, current state, and my skill level. You will always come first and if after our intake session I feel I am not qualified to help you, I'll let you know someone else would be a better fit.

My Journey To Helping Others

My journey to becoming a life coach and counsellor started a couple decades ago, when I began researching health and wellness due to my own health. I battled with IBS and a friend directed me to a book called "The Ministry of Healing." This book, written by Ellen White, is an integrative approach to health. It focuses a lot on mental wellness and relationships as well as spirituality but also talks about diet, exercise, and other lifestyle principles. Following that book improved my health tremendously and started me on the path to becoming a plant based nutritionist in 2007. I even did some cooking shows on a TV network called 3ABN. But long before that I had struggled with being bullied, had suicide ideation in my late teens, and dealt with extreme loss.

As I embraced the plant food diet and other lifestyle choices, I noticed many of who follow the Ministry of Healing book often neglected the most talked about part, in fact about 75% of the book. And that missing part, is our mental health and our relationships with others. The mind is extremely powerful. If you’d like to learn more how the mind, especially not dealing with negative thoughts and emotions, can affect your physical health, I recommend the book “When your body says no” by Dr. Gabor Mate. In any case, I pursued learning more about mental health and health in general while I raised my son, trained horses, and got into graphic arts, videography and photography. But my past had all ready set me up to peruse the mental health profession, I just didn't know it yet.

After struggling with depression in 2006 (more about my depression story here), I learned about cognitive behaviour therapy and Dr. David Burns through Dr. Neil Nedley's Depression & Anxiety Recovery Program. Dr. Nedley's program is great for an integrative wellness approach, and it completely cured my depression and I was able to come of my anti-depressants in just a few months. I've helped others through running that program in the community, but I still wanted to learn more to be able to help those who have very specific issues. So I kept learning.

In 2016 I did several more courses on life and health coaching. I was encouraged to peruse counselling by several friends, peers, and even my coaching clients. So in 2018 I took my diploma in applied psychology and counselling, and in 2019 I became a registered professional counsellor - candidate. I really feel there is a need for qualified counsellors and life coaches who can guide people to greater emotional stability and mental wellness through the integrative approach that is supported by the Bible and science. That’s my goal, to reach people who are struggling, that want to work with someone who understands the Adventist or Christian perspective, and also for those who are not Christian. So whoever you are reading this, I'd love to meet you!

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Certificates, skills, work, and education:

master life coach certificateKCPC counselling diplomaTEAM certificate