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Going to the Author and Creator gives us the most reliable information. I love science and research, but these are limited in their scope. Often studies are improperly done (REFERNCE HERE), biased (REF), or the data is misunderstood (REF). Most well done scientific data substantiates scripture and Ellen White (my favourite author whom I believe to be inspired). Of course not everything is in line with the Bible, but then again, not all research agrees in the scientific community either. Below are some courses and books I offer that are based on the Bible or are influenced by it.

Bible Health 4 U

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The Truth Will
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TEAM for Christian clients with Bible stories and references plus some faith based methods. There may be time for very brief case consultations in the context of learning.
Learn how to be a health & wellness coach in 3-6mths or less if you work hard. From diet & exercise to helping clients set goals, this course follows The Ministry of Healing guidelines.

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