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Life throws us many challenges yet we are often ill prepared to meet the tragedies and trials that beset us. Few learn about “emotional intelligence” or how our brains work in general. Did you know you can choose what you think about and that affects how you feel? Did you know your values influence your conscious and unconscious thought? We are so blessed that regardless of how circumstances may limit our behavioral or situational choices, we always have freedom to choose what we dwell on in our minds.

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Meets 3 Mondays a month for 1hr, drop ins welcome. $99 fs

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Learn how to be a health & wellness coach in 3-6msnes.

6 wkafd

TBA Spring 2023

TEAM for Christian clients with Bible stories and refes

March 19th & 26 2023


6hr s

TBA 2023

Get 6 credits toward Level 2 or 3 and build your skills s.

TBA 2023

New Years resolution empowerment! 6 credits towas

February 10th, 2023

Dealing with crazy family during the holidays?s.

1 hr quicD

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TEAM in 45min:smuch more!