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Having been an omnivore, vegan, and vegetarian, I’ve experienced the gamut of “diet” including keto, calorie restriction, binge eating, intermittent fasting, gone sugar free, and more. As I studied nutrition at Total Health School of Nutrition in AB, Canada with Dr. Darlene Blaney, I learned how the body functions and discovered that while we can break down foods into chemical components, we are designed to use foods in whole form. For example, there was some research that showed antioxidants weren’t as powerful as we first thought but upon future investigation it was revealed that cells don’t recognize the antioxidants without fiber! (NEED REFEENCE HERE) Often we see conflicting studies like Keto is great for diabetes, but so is a whole foods plant based diet. When we looked at the common features we can sort through the so called discrepancies. IE: both keto and plant-based are low in overall sugar and very limited in refined carbohydrates.

Meets 3 Mondays a month for 1hr, drop ins welcome. $99 for the year, plus access to all previous didactic videos. We will work through 50+ methods over the course of a year.
Learn how to be a health & wellness coach in 3-6mths or less if you work hard. From diet & exercise to helping clients set goals, this course follows The Ministry of Healing guidelines.
TEAM for Christian clients with Bible stories and references plus some faith based methods. There may be time for very brief case consultations in the context of learning.

2 Day TEAM-CBT Mood Basics

March 19th & 26 2023

SUNDAYS! Get your level 1 certificate (price included) or 12 hrs toward level 2, learn the TEAM-CBT basics. Great for those who want to hone their skills or newbies!

6hr Anxiety Tools
LIVE Workshop

TBA 2023

Get 6 credits toward Level 2 or 3 and build your skills and knowledge on how to help anxious clients. Explore exposure techniques like Cognitive and Interoceptive Exposure, and more.

6hr Habits Tools
LIVE Workshop

TBA 2023

New Years resolution empowerment! 6 credits toward Level 2 or 3. Build skills around habits, procrastination, and addictions. Learn the Triple Paradox, Devil’s Advocate.

6hr Relationship Tools LIVE Workshop

February 10th, 2023

Dealing with crazy family during the holidays? Get 6 credits and learn relationship work such as relationship rules and roles, how to navigate blame, 5 Secrets, and more.
See below for details.
TEAM in 45min: Effective consultations, ADHD, Assigning homework, Difficult cases, and much more!