Checking In – Put People FIRST!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted.  You’ll find I’m pretty busy this fall and it’s likely I won’t be posted regular until I finish my schooling in December.  I plan to take a month off then I’ll open my office doors with full services of licensed therapy and certified health coaching.

Tomorrow I fly out to Nova Scotia where I’ve been asked to speak at the 2018 Health Summit on Health Coaching. I had to cram my already busy life into an even shorter work week.  In the midst of this I had a call from a reader.  Now, I’m not big on the phone at the best of times and I avoid it like the plague at others.  This reader had called before a couple times and wanted my free newsletter, which is mentioned on a TV show I did many years ago.  As In no longer do mail outs of my newsletter but rather use only the e-version (sign up at the top right of this page), I found myself reluctant to call back.  I did try a couple times and when it didn’t go through crossed it off my list of To Do’s.

Well, they called again yesterday and this time when I called back I got through and it was a blessing to both of us.  We talked about nutrition, extremes, stress, and enjoying our food while trying to eat as healthy as probably, not necessarily possible.  I would have missed out on this blessing had I listened to my feelings.  I didn’t feel like it.  I was so busy getting an assignment finished, packing for the tripo, finishing handouts for the seminar, and I needed to pick my apples in the orchard!   But I wouldn’t take back that 45 minutes now.  I still got everything I needed done and a blessing of touching someone else’s life.

Don’t miss out on the blessings of relationships and people because of tasks.  Task’s can usually wait, people matter NOW!

Angela Poch

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