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If you have any questions about online therapy, my style as a counselor, or how to book a session, please feel free to contact me. Note: I cannot provide any advice or counseling over email. I do offer in house, in person sessions as well, see below for physical location.



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I use for booking clients. When you first book an appointment you will create a free account. If at any time you need to book a session, reschedule a session (within 24 hours), or see your booking day or time, log in to your Setmore account here:

To book a session visit our booking page, click the button below.

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Address & Location

I do offer sessions in person locally here in the East Kootenays, near Jaffray BC. Please note I work from home. If you show up without an appointment feel free to knock on my front door if the "with a client sign" is not up.

Higher Path - Body Mind Health

Angela Poch

3996 Galloway Frtg Rd

Galloway BC V0B 1T2


Phone Number

Where is your phone number, why can't I just call you? You many be frustrated my phone number seems buried on the is page. Unfortunately it can be really difficult for me to answer the phone as I may be with a client. If you really need to use the phone, you can give it a try and see if I'm available (email will get a faster response than leaving a voicemail): 1-877-597-3883

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