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Become a Christian Health Coach

A comprehensive program for Christians (but open to all faiths) who would like to teach others how to live healthy and guide them through challenges and goal setting.  Combines physical health, goal setting, optimal health education, and mental wellness into one powerful life coaching package. This course includes access to: In His Image - basic physiology course, How to Become a Health Coach Program (this program), Nutrition 4 Optimal Health, Home Remedies & Hydrotherapy, and Stress Management.

BONUS: Includes a Q&A 50 minute consultation with Angela Poch, CLC, CN.


Approximately 25 hours + (includes companion courses)
Price: $599

More Details

This course is all about how to become a health coach. You will learn the foundation of coaching and get the tools needed to become an effective health coach.  Not sure if you have the skills, worried about how to work with various people, concerned about all the conflicting information on health and how you’ll pick what to share with people? Don’t worry, we’ll help you will all of these questions.

The course is laid out with the education, skills, and character traits you will need to become a health coach.  You’ll learn how to communicate more effectively and understand different personalities.  As you apply what you learn, you will be more proficient in active listening and using appropriate questions guiding your clients to make positive lifestyle choices and goals that will improve their quality of life and mental wellbeing.  We offer a certificate of completion for those who score 80% or more on the final quiz.

Many of the lessons have a mental or spiritual focus. Why? Science has proven the mind is more powerful than any other single influence over our bodies.  The textbook for this course is called the Ministry of Healing, which is from a creation perspective, and it uses references to the Bible. I believe creation has scientific merit just as much as evolution, since neither can be reproduced in a lab, they are both are theories, based on inference and observation of the past as viewed from our current period.  This course is not intended to be specific to any one religion, and anyone open to spiritual matters, regardless of denomination, will benefit, as 90% of the material is adaptable to any faith in a loving creator God or higher power.  The other 10% is specific to Christianity, take or leave it as you will.  So, keep in mind before you take this course, I will talk a lot about God.

We have a few free sample videos in each section, so you can scroll through the table of contents to watch those to see if this program is right for you. Any lesson without the closed lock can be watched without purchasing the course.  I suggest you start with the introduction and summary, both are free with no obligation so watch them right now! 

Note for SDA health ministry leaders: This course not only gives you tools to work with others, there is no other model that can be as effective in terms of soul winning, as one combined with health outreach. If you are an SDA health ministry leader, or on a SDA health ministry team in your church, you can take this course for a reduced fee, please contact me:

What you will be able to after this course:

  • Be an effective health coach using the Ministry of Healing as your guide.
  • Show others how to prevent or delay the top 5 causes of death.
  • Develop your own health coaching program.
  • Lead clients to make positive lifestyle changes.
  • Help clients develop their own goals.
  • Work with client’s challenges to goal formation or accomplishment.
  • Combine spiritual, mental, and physical well being.
  • Teach others how to have a healthy lifestyle.
  • Guide clients through the process of sickness to health.

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Role of a Coach
  3. The Description Of a Coach
  4. Qualifications of a Coach
  5. Qualifications of a Coach – Part 2
  6. Stages of Change
  7. Mental Issues & Illness
  8. Working With People
  9. Low Income Challenges
  10. Professionals, Millennials, and Others
  11. Considerations for the Sick
  12. Dealing with Various Personalities
  13. Left Brain vs Right Brain - Fact or Fiction
  14. World View & Limiting Beliefs
  15. CBT - The most important tool
  16. Increasing Frontal Lobe Function
  17. 5 Keys to Effective Communication
  18. Active & Reflective Listening
  19. SMART Goals - The Foundation of Coaching
  20. Life Inventory & Other Tools
  21. The Power of Choice
  22. First Principle of Health
  23. Service, Community, and Volunteering
  24. Nature As a Law of Health
  25. Exercise & Activity
  26. Sunlight & Fresh air – deep breathing
  27. Rest – Getting Proper Sleep & More
  28. Water – Inside & Out
  29. Nutrition – What We Eat Matters
  30. Nutrition – How We Eat Matters Too
  31. Temperance & Addictions
  32. Finding a Cure
  33. Developing Your Relationship
  34. Defining and Creating Success
  35. Setting Up Your Practice
  36. Signing Clients & Doing Workshops
  37. Sample Coaching Program
  38. Legal Issues – Insurance, Rules of conduct, Privacy
  39. Our Example
  40. How to avoid burn out
  41. Dealing with Critics & Conflicts
  42. Why You Might Be Sick
  43. How to Relieve Guilt
  44. Summary
  45. Resources & References