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Vegan Vegetarian Cooking School

Learn how to cook vegan in the comfort of your home with online cooking classes whether you've cooked before or are an expert cookThis vegan vegetarian online cooking school uses videos and a lesson book, to teach you how to cook delicious, healthy vegetarian foods. The 60 to 90 minute video lessons include a demonstration of the 8 to 12 delicious vegan recipes in the lesson, vegan cooking techniques, vegan health information, and more. 

Lesson book contains many more healthy vegan recipes for you to use in addition to the videos, complete with index so you can use it as a cookbook. 

This course is over 12 hours long.



More Details

This course is all about how to become a health coach. You will learn the foundation of coaching and get the tools needed to become an effective health coach.  Not sure if you have the skills, worried about how to work with various people, concerned about all the conflicting information on health and how you’ll pick what to share with people? Don’t worry, we’ll help you will all of these questions.

The course is laid out with the education, skills, and character traits you will need to become a health coach.  You’ll learn how to communicate more effectively and understand different personalities.  As you apply what you learn, you will be more proficient in active listening and using appropriate questions guiding your clients to make positive lifestyle choices and goals that will improve their quality of life and mental wellbeing.  We offer a certificate of completion for those who score 80% or more on the final quiz.

Keep in mind this was filmed over 10 years ago. We do a lot of baking and even healthy desserts. Why desserts? Because they are great for breakfast or supper.  Desserts should be a meal not added on.  We'll explain why in this course.

If you'd like to be able to cook vegetarian dishes that wow your family, learn how to make healthy vegan meals and create tasty morsels of vegan food, then you've found what you've been looking for!

Watch the first few lessons, completely free, NO obligation.

What students are saying:

"I enjoyed watching how quickly the meals were prepared and how the nutritional values from each meal was discussed."          Naomi M Robinson

"I gave this course of 5 star because it is very thorough and in depth. The Instructor is very detailed oriented and is on a mission to teach vegan and vegetarian recipes. I see it as a door to go through and learn a lot more on my own. It really is a World of Education. If you are willing to look at it as a propeller to the Vegetarian Universe and of course if you are a lifelong learner, you will learn. Angela Poch; hats off to you! Keep up the good work Ma'am. God Bless!!"          Thania Rosario

Benefits of this course:

  • You will receive all the materials you need including recipes and nutritional handouts.
  • Complete this course as fast as you like or take your time the choice is yours.
  • This course is structured with videos and printable book with all the recipes demonstrated plus hundreds more, cooking tips, and health info.
  • Each lesson has a particular focus such as: quick cold breakfasts, filling hot breakfasts, easy sack lunches, wholesome dinner meals (lunch or supper), and light meals (some might call them desserts they are so good). There are also lessons on holidays, breads, soups, and more.

Course Outline:

  • Lesson 1 - Getting Started Vegan Cooking - measuring, kitchen tips, organizing your vegan cupboards, and how to become vegan or vegetarian.
  • Lesson 2 - Ingredients - going over the most common and some of the uncommon ingredients used in vegan cooking, recipes and diet.
  • Lesson 3 - Cold Quick Breakfasts - Making up vegetarian recipes so your morning cooking will go quick.
  • Lesson 4 - Hot Breakfasts - Fill your gas tank with fuel for the road.
  • Lesson 5 - Sack Lunches - Ideas for you and your working spouse and children.
  • BONUS show from 3ABN on lunches
  • Lesson 6 - Hot Lunches - The best meals are at dinner time.
  • Lesson 7 - Simple Suppers - Eat light at night.
  • Lesson 8 - Healthy Vegan Holidays - How to make those special occasions taste great for your vegan friends! (This is part 1 - Fall & Winter holidays)
  • Lesson 9 - Healthy Vegan Holidays - How to make those special occasions taste great for your vegan friends! (This is part 2 - Spring & Summer Holidays) BONUS: Vegan cake decorating with fondant.
  • Lesson 10 - Bread & Spreads - Hearty grains. (Will cover gluten free bread, bread for the bread machine, and a few spreads too!)vegetarian cooking dvds
  • BONUS one hour program - 3ABN Today program "Easy Vegan Meal" with lemon pie, bean burgers, and more.
  • Lesson 11 - Soups & Crackers - Warm up on a cold day with vegan soup recipes.
  • Lesson 12 - Healthy Desserts - Pies & Cobblers - Hint, you can have these for supper or breakfast too!!!