This page has instructions on how to fill in a DML for our first session and beyond.

NOTE: The DML is copyright by Dr. David Burns and used with permission in our work together. Please do NOT redistribute or share any blank forms with others. Download a copy of the DML for printing here directly from David’s Website. If you’d like a fillable Google doc version please email me and I’ll create one in our file sharing folder!

What is a good “upsetting event”?

I get you want to be efficient and work on the “right” thing, I had this question myself when I first started. Here’s how you can pick the “right” event. Think of a time when you felt some painful emotions like down, blue, anxious, worried, guilty, inferior, lonely, etc. Could even be in this moment if you are feeling that way right now, but likely you’ll think of another time when it was pretty upsetting to you. Maybe first in the morning, or a particular event that triggered those painful emotions. Think of who you were with, what was going on around you, how you were feeling, and what you were thinking. If this moment still brings up those painful emotions when you think of it, that’s a good one to start with. I can help you unpack this further as often we have subconscious thoughts. But for our first meeting all you need to do is the instructions below.

Instructions for our first meeting:

ONLY fill in the upsetting event, the emotions (and rate how intense they feel), and any negative thoughts surrounding your emotions. See this fillable word document worksheet for more information, and read the last page for information on Negative Thoughts before starting. Please do NOT share, this is ONLY for using with me in our work together. If you can’t find the file after you click the link, please check your download folder or try right clicking the link to save it where you can find it.

Detailed Instructions for working through a DML on your own:

Download the PDF instructions here.

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