The Ultimate Virtual Event Designed To Empower Client Change without Energy Drain!

Effective Compassion 2-Day Event

A 2-Day Virtual Event to help Coaches, Therapists, and Potential Coaches who want to be more effective with their clients and
facilitate faster goal success WITHOUT the lingering compassion fatigue after the session, using the principles and tools of TEAM-CBT* by Developed by Dr. David Burns, MD adjunct professor at Stanford University, world renown psychiatrist, and best selling author.  

Open to coaches, therapists, pastors, nurses, care workers, any health professionals, students, or anyone interested in TEAM-CBT, regardless of profession.

Recording available if you can't make this date, but LIVE is MUCH, MUCH better, chat with our Community Manager when you Reserve Your Seat below!!!

What Will You Learn?

What you can expect to learn in 2 days:
Plus, I’ll show you how to address problems even before they arise!
Cost: Feedback – This event is free but we do ask you to commit to a feedback after the event.

What you’ll do in this workshop…

DAY #1: Mindset of Listening

DAY #2: Secrets of Effective Communication

* TEAM-CBT, including the 5 Secrets of Effective Communication, was created by Dr. David Burns, pioneer of CBT, renown psychiatrist, adjunct professor at Stanford University, and best selling author of Feeling Good, Feeling Great, When Panic Attacks, Feeling Good Together, 10 Days to Self-Esteem, Tools NOT Schools, and more.

Dates: February 6th & 7th

Times: 8am to 11am MST (7am to 10am PST / 10am to 1pm EST)

Cost: Feedback – This event is free but we do ask you to commit to a feedback after the event so I can understand what worked and what didn’t and if we can support you further on your journey!

What Makes Our Event Different?

We deliver PURE strategy and leave out the “Hype” and common sense stuff you already know,
using coaching tools that work for therapist’s too!

We create an environment for you to LEARN and NETWORK with others in a flexible warm environment.

We give you POWERFUL tools that you can reference again and again!

At our events, we focus on content that will bring you REAL RESULTS!

Your Host: Angela Poch, RPC

Registered Professional Counsellor, Certified Master Life Coach, and TEAM-CBT Level 4 Advanced Therapist and Trainer.

A health & wellness coach for over 15 years, registered professional counselor, and level 4 TEAM-CBT Advanced Therapist & Trainer, I’ve trained coaches and therapists to be more effective, get unstuck with difficult clients, and learn TEAM-CBT*

I’ve worked with Dr. David Burns as a small group leader in his workshops including his Stanford Tuesday group for health professionals as well as several of his day long LIVE workshops over the past few years.

Having trained at the Feeling Good Institute I’ve implemented skills practice groups to make the online learning more effective and practical. I’ve coached hundreds of therapists, coaches, pastors, health ministry leaders, and students in building better skills to use with their clients.

My passion is helping you help others!


What Others Are Saying...

Angela is an exceptional teacher, adept at simplifying complex TEAM-CBT concepts into easily digestible lessons. Her training has been transformative for me, enhancing my skills as a TEAM-CBT therapist. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking to elevate their practice and become a more effective therapist.
Sean R. Williams
LCSW Research Associate at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center | Summit Behavioral Counseling
I have received training from Angela in her group. Angela is an excellent trainer. She is very patient, humble, and good at explaining Team Therapy. She also practices what she teaches… I learned a great deal from her and it helped me in my practice.
Casey Karbowski
Angela has been pivotal in my understanding of TEAM-CBT. Angela’s capacity to explain difficult concepts is second to none. Her friendly approach made it all better.
Alexandra Madureira
Clinical Psychologist

The Ultimate Virtual Event Designed To Empower
Client Change without Energy Drain!

*TEAM-CBT is an effective structure of doing therapy and/or coaching developed by Dr. David Burns, author of the best selling “Feeling Good” book on depression recovery. This system allows you to use the time tested tools you love that work, combined with new and innovative tools and methods research is proving makes therapists and coaches more effective. TEAM-CBT is always evolving with research.

TEAM stands for:

  • T – Testing: Rapid, reliable session-by-session assessment of both symptoms and therapeutic relationship.
  • E – Empathy: Accurate, compassionate understanding of your unique problem or situation
  • A – Assessment: Pinpoint resistance, boost motivation, figure out what is getting in the way of change
  • M – Methods: In TEAM we don’t limit ourselves to one method. We use tools from over 12 modalities such as: cognitive & behavioral techniques from CBT, mindfulness techniques, interpersonal tools, psycho-dynamic, exposure techniques, and 50+ more. In fact, in TEAM any tool in psychology or life coaching can be used if deemed appropriate for a particular client. We want to find what works for YOU! (Note: not all methods are appropriate for life coaching or video sessions.)
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