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If there is something limiting you, getting in the way of life, or you can't ignore it anymore, it's time to do something about it. There are many ways to deal with painful emotions, develop fulfilling relationships, change bad habits, and create successful goals. I use researched methods, such as cognitive behaviour therapy and other tools. Recovery is possible!

I use a client-centered, cognitive approach with TEAM-CBT, an evidenced-based model (more on TEAM here) and concepts from The Ministry of Healing, a an old book backed by modern science. This approach has been shown to work especially well for specific problems such as: depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, habits & addictions, procrastination, trauma recovery & PTSD, unmanaged stress, working through painful emotions, as well as for personal growth, and wellness goals.

While I have general skills and training as a professional counsellor and life coach, I also specialize in 5 separate areas:

  • TEAM-CBT therapy/life coaching for depression, anxiety, relationships, anger management, habits and addictions..
  • CBT-I for insomnia
  • Integrative Health Coaching & self-directed courses for implementing positive lifestyle goals.
  • TEAM-CBT consultations for therapists and life coaches.
  • Faith-based counselling/coaching for Christians (special message to SDA's).

My style does not work well with those looking for a traditional model such as: looking at their past in great detail, dream interpretation, those hoping to change their external environment rather than themselves, or those unwilling to put effort into the process.

Not sure what the difference is between life coaching and counselling, learn more here.

How long will it take and what will it cost?

Every individual is unique, but my clients generally see some improvement in the first couple sessions. Learn more here about session length and pricing..

Can I Really Change?

Yes, the brain really can change. You aren't "just the way you are" held captive by your DNA, circumstances, and upbring.

NOTE: Even better than feeling good, is feeling great! I offer faith-based approach as an option. You will have to ASK for this as I stay neutral when it comes to religion unless invited to do otherwise.

How does it work?

Through confidential video chat we'll work together each week (or every two weeks) to find solutions that work for you until your issue has been resolved to your satisfaction. Warning there will be required homework between sessions. We meet one last time after your recovery to do relapse prevention. So you can use the tools you've learned on your own for years to come. You are always welcome back for a tune up or work on new goals.

To get started, book a free 15 minute online consultation. You'll need good internet connection, a web cam, and private location. During the consultation you'll have the opportunity to tell me briefly what your needs are and you'll have an opportunity to ask questions about me and the process.

After the consultation, if we both feel it's a good fit, You'll do an intake session, where we will talk about your needs and personal history. After the intake, if you choose, we can enter into either a life coaching or a counselling relationship and you can book your first session.

Don't wait to feel better.

Talk with me about where you are now and where you want to be. Booking policies below calendar, please read before booking.

Booking Policies.

  • By booking online you agree to communication via email, phone or text. Whichever you provide..
  • It is vital you are in a safe, distraction free location.
  • You must have high speed internet and a web camera.
  • Unlike life coaching, counselling has legal limitations. If you are not in an area that is covered by my license, I provide life coaching using similar tools.
  • Your information is kept confidential unless there is threat of suicide, violence to others, or current child/elder abuse.
  • Video sessions have limitations such as disconnection, technology glitches, etc.
  • No refunds on missed sessions. Must provide minimum 24 hours notification to change appointment.
  • As a person with Fibromyalgia I can have the odd flare up from time to time and need to cancel or reschedule our appointment with as little notice as the morning of our appointment. Rest assured you would not be charged for this.

If you have any questions please email me:



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