TEAM-CBT Training Level 3 Exam Prep


Level 3 Exam Prep

Below is information on preparing for the Level 3 Exam.

If you would just like a mock exam book a 105min session with me and let me know that in the comments!

Level 3 Requirements:

  • 12 training credits (my live and video workshops are 1hr = 1 unit; Monday drop-in group is 4hr = 1 unit)
  • 12 week exam prep course with FGI OR 4hrs one-on-one with a Level 4 trainer (see my Exam Prep one-on-one) Working one-on-one is tailored to your individual needs, faster, and can be cheaper.
  • Reacted forms from 5 patients, see all requirements at FGI.
  • Pass the level 3 exam (FGI has a fee for this).

There is no guarantee you will be ready to take the exam with the minimum requirements. Some need more training/practice, while others who have taken additional courses or workshops, especially ones that include practice like my Monday Group, will not need as much.)

Package Deal – Meets Level 3 requirements – minus the exam: (In place of FGI’s 12 week Exam Prep course PLUS 12 training credits)

  • 12 Training credits – 12 hours of course training (we will discuss what is best for you).
  • Exam Prep 3 hours – four 45min one-on-one sessions
  • Mock Exam with feedback 90min
  • Full package = $1050cnd or pay in full up front $900cnd (approx $750us)

***NOTE: If you in a low income country I take 50% off.

Additional details if desired….

Exam Prep Training Outline:

  • Orientation of the training and Introduction
  • Review of Pre-BMS
  • Review of BMS and ETS
  • Five Secrets With Angry Patient
  • Invitation, Specificity & Conceptualization
  • Outcome Resistance Part 1
  • Outcome Resistance Part 2
  • Process Resistance
  • Recovery Circle
  • Methods Practice Double Standard
  • Methods Practice Externalization of Voices
  • Methods Practice Feared Fantasy
  • Mock Exam
  • Final Feedback

Let’s chat about your Level 3 needs!

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