Fee's & Session Length

How long will it take and what will it cost me?

Every individual is unique, but my clients generally see some improvement in the first few sessions and marked improvement with an Intensive Program. This isn't surprising because brief therapy has been shown to be as effective as traditional long term therapy.1 Sessions ca

How long will it take?

n range from one 3hour power session to a few months of 75min weekly sessions. Why such a range? Certain issues take longer, some clients want to work on multiple issues which extends therapy time. Also, the amount of homework done between sessions will greatly affect recovery times. And lastly, how willing the client is to give up all the benefits to their current mindset can affect outcomes. Generally speaking, and I make no guarantees, anxiety is on the shorter end of the scale and relationship work on the longer end.

Building life long coping skills requires you to put into daily practice the tools we use in session. This is were the hard work is. AFTER recovery! You will relapse whether or not you put the work in. The difference is if you've practiced the tools, relapse is quickly crushed. You can do this work on your own or get some support through the process.

How much does it cost?

I prefer to see clients for 3 hour power sessions or in an intensive program: $425 plus GST for 3 hours - click here to learn more about Intensive Programs.

For weekly 75min counselling sessions, it is $230 plus GST. For Life Coaching see below!

Counselling payments and file sharing goes through the Feeling Good Institute. But booking including the free consultation, is done on my website, see below or my booking page!


For therapists & life coaches, case consultations, training, etc. fit into two categories: peers (personal colleagues) & life coaches or therapists. Fees for peers & life coaches is $165 for 50mins, book below. For all other therapists it is $195 for 50 mins, plus GST, and booking is through the Feeling Good Institute.

Do you have low fee options?

I do offer low fee / sliding scale but extra homework is required. IE: you might be asked to read both "Feeling Great" and "When Panic Attacks" before our first session together. I also offer one time FREE 3 hour power sessions. Free sessions are limited to mood concerns (sadness, anxious, worthlessness, guilt, etc.) not for relationships or habits. Learn more about low fee and free sessions here.

Booking Policies

  • By booking you agree to communication via email.
  • It is vital you are in a safe, distraction free location.
  • You must have high speed internet and a web camera.
  • Information is confidential except for risk of suicide, violence to others, or current child/elder abuse.
  • Video sessions have limitations such as disconnection, technology glitches, etc.
  • No refunds! Rescheduling up to morning of session.
  • As a person with Fibromyalgia I can have a flare up and need to reschedule last minute.


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