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Self-help Courses & Workshops:

As individually priced.

Counselling & Life Coaching Rates:

I am very affordable because my clients who see me every week and do their homework improve within a few sessions (anywhere from 2 to 16 depending on issue and homework compliance) unlike many traditional therapists who see clients for several months even years. I've had some clients improve during just the intake session!

  • 15min consultation -- free of charge.
  • Intake session -- $75 cnd for 90 mins
  • Standard session -- $90 cnd for 50 mins (BC Counselling Association recommends $120)
  • Double session 20% off -- $145 cnd for 110 mins (usually recovery is faster)

Monthly rates, 12 week plans, discounts, and payment plans also available. Discuss any of these options in your free 15 minute consultation.

For payment: I accept credit cards, Paypal, and e-transfers.

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