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Small groups, self-help Courses & workshops:

Individually priced, some free. See workshop page for live online or in person workshops and small groups. Now offering a closed online small group class for depression and anxiety, limited seating. Contact me if you are interested. For self help online video courses I've produced click here.

Counselling & Life Coaching Rates:

Brief therapy is affordable because clients who see me regularly and do their homework start to improve within a few sessions. Emails between sessions for clarification and homework are included free for all weekly and biweekly clients! If my rates are confusing please feel free to book a 15min consult to discuss them or email me with your questions.

Standard Rates:

  • 15min consultation -- free - book now
  • Intake session -- $95 cnd for 90 mins - book here
  • Standard session -- $120 cnd for 60 mins - book here
  • Double session -- $180 cnd for 120 mins - book here

Discounted Rates:

  • Low rate 60 miin session -- $90 cnd for 60 min - book here
  • Low rate 60 miin session -- $75 cnd for 60 min - book here
  • Low rate 60 min session -- $60 cnd for 60 min - book here
  • LOWEST RATE -- $80 for two 60min sessions -- automatic payments, cancel anytime.

For payment: I accept credit card, PayPal (email me and request link), and e-transfer - send to

Cancellation policy: Refunds or rescheduling allowed up to 24 hours before session. No refunds on missed sessions!


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