Higher Path

Fee's & Session Length

How long will it take and what will it cost me?

Every individual is unique but my clients generally see some improvement in the first session and marked improvement with an Intensive Program. This isn't surprising because brief therapy has been shown to be as effective as traditional long term therapy.1

How much does it cost?

I am currently only offering intensive programs with weekly follow up, click here to learn more. I do have some exceptions such as the CBT-I program and services for health professionals. Counselling payments and file sharing goes through the Feeling Good Institute. See below.

Counselling Rates (not including tax - invoiced through FGI):

  • Full Intensive Program $1450
  • Light Intensive or 165min (2.75hr) sessions $450
  • 45min Intake or follow up session $195
  • 75min follow up session $250
  • 105min sessions $350

Coaching Rates (including tax - etransfer or PayPal):

  • 45min session $175
  • 75min session $230
  • 110min session $295
  • 170min sessions $350

For therapists/life coaches (and other mental health professionals), visit my booking page to see workshops and more. (most services payment is through FGI but book on my booking page). Rates (not including tax). NOTE: if you are from lower income country please let me know that and ask about my sliding scale:

  • One-on-one training: $250 for 75min, $350 for 105min, $450 for 165min (pay through FGI). $195 for 50min, lunch hour special cases.
  • Level 3 Exam Prep: Exam prep or endorsement is a min of 4 hours. If you need the 12 hours of certification units then, it will be 8 hours total for prep & credits.
  • Case consultations: $195 for 45 min, invoiced through FGI.
  • Personal work: 2.25hr sessions $295. Done as life coaching goes through me directly,
  • Coach to Coach mentoring: $150 for 45min goes through me directly, via PayPal


Do you have low fee options?

I do offer low fee / sliding scale for both life coaching and therapist training.

There is extra homework required for personal work. IE: you might be asked to read either or both "Feeling Great" and "When Panic Attacks" before our first session together. I also offer one time FREE 3 hour power sessions. Free sessions are limited to mood concerns (sadness, anxious, worthlessness, guilt, etc.) not for relationships or habits. Learn more about low fee and free sessions here.



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