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Body Mind Health

Choose from one of the categories below to browse our courses and resources or get started with the FREE Optimal Health – Your Journey to Longevity course for overall wellbeing, or Positive Mental Health 4 Christians for mental health. 

If you would like to become a health & wellness coach I have two options: Christian Health Coaching Program and TEAM-CBT Coach Program. Visit the training page to learn more!

Faith-based Healing

Courses with Biblical foundations on mental health and physical health. Tools that change the way you think and empower change.

Team-CBT Training

Learn this powerful system by Dr. David Burns. For coaches, therapists, pastors, and all mental health professionals and students.

Coach Training

Training specific to those that want to use Coaching to help others on their journey to wholeness. Certification available.

Plant-based Nutrition

Cooking, nutrition, and more. Free plant-based cookbooks, help with allergies, and how nutrition impacts your wellbeing.

Integrative Health

Our body and mind is connected and influence each other in both directions. FREE Optimal Health course on longevity.

Mental Health

Use the program that helped me get passed negative thinking, depression, and anxiety. Plus tips and tools to improve your mental health.

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