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Free booklet, “The TRUTH will set you free” on CBT and the Bible.

Optimal Health – Your Journey for Longevity

Harvard’s Research on the Blue Zones made practical! Discover the 7 Key Principles to help increase your life span potential and reduce the risk of disease. Don’t let genetics hold you back. While there are somethings you can’t avoid, and no one lives forever, thousands know what millions do not, your lifestyle, relationship, and mental health choices matter!!!

I volunteer some services (health coaching, courses, etc.) free of charge. If you are in need please reach out. If you want to support others in need or just make a contribution for free services you have received click here.

Courses with Biblical foundations on mental health, physical health, and trainings.
Learn to do TEAM-CBT with clients, for coaches, therapists, pastors, and all mental health professionals.
Training specific to those that want to use Coaching to help others on their journey to wholeness.
Cooking, nutrition, and more.
Our body and mind is connected and influence each other in both directions.
Find tips and tools to improve your mental health.