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Free Sleep Assessment & Handout

There is lots of talk about getting a good night's sleep but how do you know if you are getting enough to keep your mind in tip top shape? Find out right now below. If you are having trouble with insomnia, you'll want to learn more about CBT-I, an effective 6 week program to get you back on track!

Free handout on CBT-I and info on sleep here.

Video on CBT-I scroll past the assessment tool or click here now!

Fill in the free sleep assessment below and find out how you are doing, be sure to read the instructions and answer key. NO personal data is collected!

If you haven't already, read more about sleep and mental health on my blog, has sources for facts used in assessment.

Need help getting started with your stress, anxiety, or something interfering with your sleep or some aspect of mental health? Book a free 15 consultation with me, life & health coach Angela Poch, RPC.

Free Christian relaxation MP3 for the CBT-I program here. (Standard one available to current CBT-I clients upon request)

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