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TEAM-CBT Training

Groups, Courses & One-on-one

TEAM. is an, evidence based approach for the treatment of depression, anxiety, troubled relationships, habits/addiction and more. Developed by Dr. David Burns, MD TEAM is used by thousands of therapists and life coaches around the world because it is so effective. One study puts TEAM therapists as 10X more effective. Learn more about TEAM-CBT here.

As a TEAM-CBT Level 4 Advanced Therapist & Trainer, I offer several training and consultation options:

  1. One-on-one case consultation - stuck with a client? Not sure which methods to use? Get support and direction - book consult below blue button "FGI Client Portal".
  2. Monday Case Consultation Group - learn from each other in a small group setting
  3. Core Skills Practice Group - TBA (ONLY available to those who take the FGI Core Skills course email me for info).
  4. Monday Training & Practice Group - Join anytime (goes through TEAM 50+ Methods in detail over 1 year)
  5. Integrating Faith Based with TEAM-CBT Boot Camp Training - TBA email me for info or to be put on the list

One-on-one consulting services are contracted through the Feeling Good Institute (FGI) with the exception of life coaches, personal colleagues, or Monday group members (please visit here to book).

To book a consultation please click "new client" in the Client Portal link below and choose my name from the drop down list!

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