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Groups, Courses & One-on-one

TEAM-CBT, developed by Dr. David Burns, MD, is an evidence based approach, learn more here!

No one turned away for finances, please reach out if any of these trainings are not affordable to you, especially if you are located in a lower income countries. I’m happy to offer 50% off or even free of charge.

Level 1-3 Certification

Did you know you can do 4 hours of one-on-one instead of the FGI Exam prep course? Maybe the timing doesn’t work for you, or you want a more custom approach.

Or maybe you already took the prep course but would like to do a mock test to check your readiness?

I offer from level 1 to 3 training and certification preparation. More on the Level 3 Certification

Case Consults & Training

Feeling stuck or frustrated with a client?

Avoiding using certain tools; having trouble addressing certain concerns; or maybe you have specific questions about TEAM?

When I was working toward my level 2, I found it extremely helpful to work one-on-one for a couple sessions with a Level 4 TEAM-CBT Trainer to hone my skills and I definitely need case consultations from time to time.

Get unstuck and your questions answered! Book here.

Personal Work

Let’s face it, we are all human and it’s vital we all practice what we preach. That means sometimes we need to work through difficult things we face ourselves. Anxiety, compassion fatigue, depression, frustration, habits, can and will affect us all.

Book a free consultation to discuss doing some personal work.

Meets 9am PT / 10am MT / Noon ET for 1hr, drop ins welcome. $99 per year, free if you can’t afford that. We work through 50+ methods over the course of about a year and a half.
Due to David’s generosity, this self paced course is free of charge. You can also book one free 30min session with me once you’ve completed the course to get answers you need.

LIVE Oct 2023 or
Start Anytime (video course)

TEAM for Christian clients with Bible stories and references plus faith based methods. Time for very brief case consultations in the live group.
Learn how to be a health & wellness coach in 3-6mths or less if you work hard. From diet & exercise to helping clients set goals, this course follows The Ministry of Healing guidelines.

Self-paced courses, check them out RIGHT NOW!

YES, you get TEAM-CBT credits for any of the courses below as well as a certificate of completion.

Use the 12 credits toward TEAM-CBT level 1 or 2 and covers what you need to know to get started with TEAM or hone your skills. Recorded from Mon Group!

Start Anytime
1 hour

If you listened to David’s podcasts, you’ll note David loves the 3hr session, but not everyone (clinician/client) is ready for that, nor is it always preferred, learn how to TEAM in shorter sessions.
We all get stuck with a case from time to time. Changing the focus is one of the most important, yet most difficult tools to learn when facing difficult clients, learn this and more!

Do Efficient Intake Sessions in 45min

Start Anytime
1.5 hours
Coming Soon – Email ME!

While you can’t always accomplish it, learning to aim for a 45min intake can help you not only save time but start building therapeutic regard.
The consult can set clients up for success when we dangle the carrot to give hope and address process resistance. Also learn how to rule out clients that won’t be a good fit.

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1 hour

TEAM aligns itself well with life coaching and there are some specific ways it works well. Yet, there is a need to adjust some of the language to avoid crossing the therapy line.
Homework is key to successful therapy but it can be hard to navigate that with clients. Resources on what kind of homework to use with various clients included with specific ideas.
Dealing with crazy family during the holidays? Get 6 credits and learn relationship work such as relationship rules and roles, how to navigate blame, 5 Secrets, and more.

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1 hour

As mental health professionals we are trained to deal with suicidal thoughts but TEAM has a slightly different approach. Learn how to use the Suicide interview and more.