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TEAM-CBT Training

Monday Training & Practice Group

The TEAM-CBT Monday Training & Practice group is aimed at therapists and life coaches who want to practice the 50+ methods of Dr. David Burns, but is also open to students.  We take just over a year to go through over 50 methods from Empathy and Agenda setting to tools for depression, anxiety, relationships, and habits.

You are expected to join in the role play break-out sessions. You will be expected to attend at least once a month.

We meet Mondays 9am PT/10am MT for 50 minutes. There will be a brief didactic, demo, and QnA. We then break into dyads/triads to practice for approx. 20 minutes. Lastly we meet back as a main group for a debrief, Q n A, and any extra tips for about 5 to 10 mins. Each week you will get a handout with the technique we will be practicing, usually the Friday before with tool information, sample client ideas for the role play, and references for you to prepare ahead of time. Pay attention to any notifications about “no meeting next week” as we may take a Monday off, here and there.

Register to come whenever you like:

A few things to know about the group: 

  1. There is a REQUIRED survey after each Monday group. This lets me know what is working and what isn’t. It also serves as attendance. While this is a drop-in group, you must attend at least once a month. If you can’t make it once a month you can request a leave of absence and come back whenever it works for you.

  2. Please come for the whole 50 minutes and participate in the role plays.  Sometimes people are traveling or can't stay the whole time, please let me know so we can assign the small groups appropriately. 

  3. The ebook, “Tools, NOT Schools” is mandatory click here to order: therapist ebook. Use this 25% off coupon if you decide to register (Coupon Code: E2HWBJ84) or whether or not you register you can get 30% off all of David’s tools here

  4. The Therapist's Toolkit OR The Electronic Tool Package & License is highly recommended. David requires you to have one of these to use the tools with your clients. If you can't afford them let David know, he is very generous! 

  5. We record part of the sessions. The didactic portion and the Q n A. You are welcome to turn your camera off for this portion. Small groups are not recorded.

  6. You can 'ask for help' at any time during the small group breakouts if you want a little help or more explanation, just use the button!  

  7.  If you register you agree to have your name put onto the Monday Group Google Group. You’ll be able to chat with other members and that is how messages are sent out..

PS:  You can get all the past files, links to attend, handouts, and emails with survey links in the Google Group. So if you don’t get a link or you think you’ve missed an email, please check there before reaching out.

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