Technology Tips

Technology Tips - How to get to your first session!

So, while you won't get lost driving around trying to find my office, you may have some techinical difficulties. I want this to be as stress free for you as possible and once you are all set up, it will be easy for you. You'll just click the link in your confirmation email and your session will open.

Questions about getting onto your session or the technology email me anytime:

Trouble getting onto your session DURING your appointment time?

Call me: 1-877-597-3883 or directly to my cell 250-420-7145

I recommend you get your computer or mobile device set up before that time as well as test your web camera and audio.

There are detailed instructions on how to join a session here: Zoom Support How to Join a Meeting. If you are on a computer, It is recommend to Chrome, Safari, or IE (not Edge or other). You can also use your mobile device, simply go to the app store and download the free app called: Zoom Cloud Meetings - apple click here, android click here.

I highly recommend you give Zoom a quick try before we meet. You can do that by using my open meeting ID: 604 856 7007. Your individual session ID will be unique to your day/time so it's completely secure to test it out whenever. Here's a link, see if you can get to the "virtual waiting room" screen:

Keep in mind whenever you 'join a meeting' there will be virtual waiting room screen. Please wait to be admitted unless you are just testing out your device.

The test run will look something like this after you've loaded the app, etc., click the link, and you are in the right spot. (This was a Android phone and a Windows 10 computer screen shot also below.) For your actual session the Meeting ID will be different, and it will have your time listed.

galaxy phone waiting room PC Zoom screenshot