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Depression Tools

6hr Live Workshop

Address hopelessness, worthlessness, and lack of motivation in depressed clients!

Get the tools specific to depression in this live workshop is a 6hrs with didactic lectures, QnA, and breakout group practice. Intended for those who've taken our 2day Basics course or have their level 1 in TEAM-CBT.

Date & Time: February 10th, 2023 at 8am MT / 10am ET

Cost: $195cnd (send etransfer to Ingrid Rijo thefeelgoodnurse@gmail.com (OR purchase as part of the package with BONUS offer, see below for details)

What you will learn:

    • How to access the level of depression your client has
    • Address specific resistance depressed clients have
    • Cognitive Tools for Depression
    • Behavoural Activatation techniques
    • Not to get hypnotized by timid, low energy clients
    • How to Use the Anti-Hopelessness Memo

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More info Angela Poch feelinggreat@angelapoch.com

$195 deposit Ingrid Rijo via etransfer thefeelgoodnurse@gmail.com Contact Ingrid for any payment information or arrangements.

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Package Deals:

#1 - Fast Track & On a Budget -- Get the first three LIVE 6hr workshops plus the TEAM Basics 6hr video course (combined gets you all your level 2 credits, 24 credits) =  $595 CND

#2 - ALL 4 LIVE One Day Workshops -- anxiety, relationships, depression, and habits (gets you the 24 credits you need for TEAM-CBT level 2) =  $695 CND

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Send your $195 deposit to Ingrid Rijo via etransfer thefeelgoodnurse@gmail.com