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Relationship Tools

6hr Live MasterClass

The holidays can bring out the worst in us! Teach your clients how to build happy memories with friends and family.

Get the tools specific to relationships in this live workshop is a 6hrs with didactic lectures, QnA, and breakout group practice. Intended for those who've taken our 2day Basics course or have their level 1 in TEAM-CBT.

Date & Time: February 10th at 7am PT / 8am MT / 10am ET (6 hours)

Cost: $195cnd

Limited time offer! We need 4 people signed up by January 31st. There is maximum 10 slots left available (for individualized attention) so sign up right now!

Early bird BONUS, sign up in the next 3 days and get a FREE training video.

What you will learn:

    • How to deliver relationship education to a client.
    • Getting pass blame.
    • Rules vs Roles - Patterns your client get into.
    • Teaching the 5 Secrets of Effective Communication.
    • Forced Empathy.
    • One Minute Drills.
    • Get 6 credits toward Level 2 or 3.

Non-clinicians welcome! If you are not a therapist, nurse, or coach you must read “Feeling Good Together” to attend. Keep in mind this will be training focused so please choose a person/situation that is not too triggering for you. We will no be providing therapy.

How to sign up for this masterclass in 2 steps!

1. If you are Canadian please send an etransfer of $195 to Ingrid Rijo thefeelgoodnurse@gmail.com For all others click here to pay via Paypal.

2. AFTER you pay please register click here!


More info Angela Poch feelinggreat@angelapoch.com

Important pay now to SAVE your spot!!