Higher Path

Make Your Free 15min Consults Work for You 

2hr Live Workshop or 1hr Course - Your Choice

The live workshop is just under 2hr workshop with a 1 hr didactic lecture, 30min QnA, and optional breakout group practice.

You can take these workshops at ANYTIME via video, use the BUY NOW, button but please note there are NO CU credits unless you attend in person for the entire event and fill in the after survey.

Date & Time: click the blue button to view. You can change the calendar into your time zone with link at the bottom of the calendar. Dates listed for the next 4 to 6 months (use the arrow keys to see the next date).

Cost: $30cnd live workshop (use the blue "View Dates & Register" button)

Video only: $20cnd use the yellow "BUY NOW" button, you should get an immediate redirect link. If not please email me!) FREE for those in lower income countries such as India, Latin/South America, etc. Please email me to get access.

What you will learn:

    • How to do a quick conceptualization
    • Determine if client is a good it
    • Issues to rule out - drugs/addictions, suicide, and self-harm.
    • Deal with process resistance & dangling the juicy carrot!
    • Know your fallback position - what clients are you not willing to take on
    • Start your clients before you start! IE: setting up HW with limited history.

Live workshop:

Or watch past recording right now!