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Freedom From Social Anxiety Workshop

Free 1 hour workshop "Freedom From Social Anxiety: Discover 5 Tools to Peace of Mind"

anxiety workshop

Over 18% of the population deals with anxiety, so you are not alone! Anxiety holds us back from experiencing new things, social events, building relationships, career advancement, to even certain everyday tasks. No matter what triggers your symptoms, crowds, meeting new people, social events, or something else, start defeating anxiety with a few simple tools you can use anywhere.

Learn about what anxiety is, how it gets worse, and effective ways to reduce your own anxiety. By registered professional counsellor and certified life coach Angela Poch, RPCC, CLC.

Research shows STOPPING certain coping behaviours you are likely doing right now, is one of the most critical steps to alleviating the fears we face. It may not be easy, but it is totally doable and thousands have done it before! Find out what those coping skills are in this workshop and what is a better approach to dealing your anxiety.

      • This is a workshop, so expect to participate.
      • Limited seating to keep it easier to share in.
      • Learn 5 tools to coping with anxiety..
      • Feel free to invite friends!
      • 45% off individual follow up sessions or join the 8 week support group.

While I can't cure anxiety in 1 hour, this workshop starts you moving forward. I'm not going to lie, you will have to do something you won't be willing to do for this to work, you'll have to face your fears! Web cam highly recommended.

I know is hard and scary, I've been there too. I'm here to support you on your journey. All participants in this workshop get the option of individual support with 45% off life coaching or counselling sessions. If there is enough interest, there will also be an 8 week support group follow up - cost $175. Limited to 6 participants and weekly attendance is required. I want to make it easier for you to meet your goal of being free from life limiting anxiety but there is no obligation to do any follow up.

New date coming soon.

January 2020!

Contact me for details.