TeleHealth & Using David's Tools

Self-paced Video Helps

I encourage you to scroll down this webpage before watching the videos just to get a feel for how it all looks.

NOTE: This page and workshop is always evolving, videos were recorded via 3 live 2hour workshops. Most concise video segments were chosen to create the videos below.

PowerPoint Handout - revised 2022-02-08

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction - 3:01 min
  2. Equipment - 11:31 min - Webcam, Audio, Lighting & Office setup (topic n timestamps under video).
  3. Software Basics - 11:17 min - Email, Anti-virus/Encryption/Backups, Scheduling & Payment, Video Platforms, Acrobat Reader, Preparing Clients (topic n timestamps under video).
  4. Scheduling & Payment - Setmore HIPAA - 1:33 min
  5. Scheduling & Payment - Calendly GDPR - 2:35 min
  6. All in One Platforms - 4:56min
  7. Using David's 50+ Forms - General tips - 3:19 min
  8. Using Acrobat Reader for PDF forms - 3:57 min + 2:56 min
  9. Overview Google Drive for PDF forms - 1:38 min
  10. Using David's 50+ Forms Google Workspace in detail - 23:10 min (topic n timestamps under video).
  11. Sharing David's 50+ Forms - SimplePractice - 3:35 min - see also using Acrobat Reader
  12. Demo with a mock client using the forms - 6:46 min

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1. Introduction Video

2. Equipment

Equipment Video Timestamps:
0:00 Web camera
1:41 Microphones & Audio Tips
4:48 Lighting & Office Setup
7:08 QnA
7:16 Do you use a stand for the camera to view documents
7:34 Why use a separate camera
8:05 Apple vs PC
8:28 Camera, Keyboard, Screen, Mic & Computer setup with other tips – cooling pad, etc.
10:34 Computer tips - gaming or high end lasts longer, etc.

QnA not on the video:
Is it ok if client and clinician have different computers – IE: one PC and one mac?
Yes. There can be glitches with any technology, but so far not had too much trouble working across devices.

I can’t find the Logi camera control?

The Logi control I used in the video is discontinued and replaced by Logi Capture. It has even more features.

3. Software Basics & Need to Knows!

Software - Timestamps:
0:00 Email: issues & suggestions
1:45 Anti-virus, encryption & backing up files
3:34 Scheduling & Payment Overview - Setmore is HIPAA, Calendly is GDPR, or use All-in-One - see separate videos below for details
4:20 Video Platforms (or use an All-in-One)
4:37 File Sharing (or use an All-in-One)
5:17 Acrobat Reader – MUST have!
8:12 Electronic Records
8:08 Preparing Clients for Telehealth

4. Scheduling & Payment – Setmore HIPAA compliant

Setmore HIPAA compliant

5. Scheduling & Payment – Calendly

Calendly is a grey area for USA, But OK for othertherapists as it meets international privacy standards - GDPR

6. All in One Platforms

7. Using the 50+ Forms - General Tips

8. Overview of using the forms & using Acrobat Reader

Using Acrobat Reader in detail - below

Acrobat Reader issues:

If Acrobat Read requires you to "save as" every time to try to save, you can fix that in settings.

  1. Open Adobe Reader DC (with NO document open).

  2. Go to Edit > Preferences > Security (Enhanced).

  3. Disable Enable protected mode at startup and press OK.

  4. Re-open the document and you will be able to save without getting the save as dialogue box.

9. Using the 50+ Forms - Google Workspace Overview

10. Using the 50+ Forms - Google Workspace in Detail

Using the 50+ Forms with Google Workspace Video Timestamps
0:00 How it looks on my computer and storing client files vs sharing files.
4:08 Client links & Info
4:53 Is Google Workspace a paid service?
5:29 BMS with Google Forms
7:35 Putting BMS scores into the template
8:15 Print to PDF to save (or share) a completed BMS form
9:11 How to share the BMS form with your clients to FILL in before session
10:45 The DML – Google Docs.
10:56 Forms vs Documents and how to manage them in the client folder along with tips on sharing folders vs creating folders. How to delete without client loosing data. And more!
17:00 What if client creates the folder?
20:55 Saving a copy of the DML
51:50 What is the difference btw Google Drive, Docs & Workspace?

How to share Google Folder with a client:

Links to download your own copy of the BMS & DML. NOTE: you MUST have the 50+ Electronic Tools & Telehealth license to use this form. (NOT the Therapist’s Toolkit or ebook!) If in doubt email me. Many people are confusing the Therapist’s Toolkit with the new 50+ Electronic Tools product.

Using Google Drive & Acrobat Reader on iPad -video here

How clients upload and download files - SHARE this LINK (you can copy this link to share with your clients.) :

11. Sharing David's Forms via Simple Practice


Video to share with clients - LINK HERE (you can copy this link to share with your clients.)

12. Demo

Book a one-on-one QnA with me $50 for 30min.