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Not everyone wants to do one-on-one sessions. Some prefer a group experience or to learn more. Education can give a great foundation for recovery.

Workshops, seminars and groups provide a space for learning and healing. If you are interested in any of the ones listed don't hesitate to contact me!

Titles of upcoming workshops:

For churches & Businesses

... Book One for your organization

NOTE: These can be done ONLINE!!! Contact me for details!!!

Workshops can be held from a 4 hour one day seminar to a weekend seminar lasting 10 hours over two/three days. Obviously the weekend seminar offers more tools and has a much greater impact. I estimate the weekend seminar to be at least 5 X the value and effectiveness. See below for sample weekend agenda.

Workshops consist of interactive lectures and small groups, along with handouts. Note: most workshops can be made "non religious" for the workplace but may still have spiritual components.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Titles include:

      • Positive Life Skills Workshop - Tools to help prevent and understand depression, anxiety, and stress.
      • Optimal Health - An integrative approach to physical and mental health following the blue zones including plant based diet.
      • Spirituality & Mental Health - How they are connected, affecting our whole life, even our view of God.
      • Healthy Christian Communication & Relationships - for couples, co-workers, peers, friends, or family.  
      • Stress Management - Keys to getting through the daily rat race and still finding peace.
      • Grief & Loss - Finding healing through life's transitions and journey.
      • Connecting with Your Kids - Parenting seminar with a difference!
      • Preparing for Effective Outreach - Preparing our own hearts, understanding how to work with others who are different from ourselves..
      • Custom workshops for specific needs or requests. 

Cost for live events - churches and non-profits: $125 per hours up to $500 per day, min 2 hours. Time recorded upon 30 minutes before first event time to the end of last session. Example prices: Sabbath 30min to 1 hour presentation $250. Weekend event - Friday night, Sabbath, and Sunday = 3 days = $1500. Churches under 50 active members get 30% off.  Available throughout Canada. PLUS travel billed at $0.65km or airfare, plus food/lodging varies ask for estimate. Handouts for weekend seminars: $2.50 per person.

Cost for webinars: $150 per hour. Add $100 for cooking demos or other extra prep (pre-recordings, etc.).

Cost for businesses: $250 per hour plus all expenses (travel, food, lodging, see above), $2.50 per person for materials, estimates are fine!  Available throughout Canada.

Sample Weekend Schedule:

6pm Friday night - Welcome, my story, and introduction to the topic


10am - Deep dive into the topic.

Noon - Lunch Break

1pm - Second deep dive into topic &/or small group breakouts

2:30pm - Short Break

3pm - Third deep dive into topic &/or small group breakouts

4:30pm - End for the day


9am - Bringing it all together &/or small group breakouts

11am - Q & A

Noon - End of seminar