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Not everyone wants to do one-on-one sessions. Some prefer a group experience or to learn more. Education can give a great foundation for recovery.

Workshops, seminars and groups provide a space for learning and healing. If you are interested in any of the ones listed don't hesitate to contact me!

Titles of upcoming & workshops:

For churches & Businesses

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NOTE: These can be done ONLINE!!! Contact me for details!!!

Each workshop is 4-6 hours with interactive lectures and small groups practice. They can be adjusted to fit into other time frames, such as a 1 hour summary lecture. Note: most workshops can be made non religious for the workplace but may still have non denominational spiritual components as it relates to health. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Titles include:

      • Optimal Health - An integrative approach to physical and mental health following the blue zones including plant based diet.
      • Stress Management - Keys to reducing sick days and workplace issues
      • Healthy Communication & Relationships - couples, co-workers, peers, friends, or family.  
      • Grief & Loss - Finding healing through life's transitions and journey.
      • Connecting with Your Kids - Parenting seminar with a difference!
      • Positive Life Skills Workshop - Tools to help prevent and understand depression, anxiety, and stress.
      • Healthy Christian Communication & Relationships - for couples, co-workers, peers, friends, or family.  
      • Spirituality & Mental Health - How it affects our whole life, even our view of God.
      • Preparing for Effective Outreach - Preparing our own hearts, understanding how to work with others who are different from ourselves..
      • I can also create workshops for specific needs or requests. 

Cost - for churches and non-profits: all expenses* plus suggested honorarium of $200, optional.  Available throughout USA or Canada. *travel $0.65km or airfare, food/lodging varies ask for estimate, handouts $2.5 per person.

Cost - for businesses: all expenses (travel, food, lodging, handouts) plus $750 per full day event. Includes materials for up to 25 individuals, $2.5 per person after, estimates are fine!  Only available in Canada.